The week’s 10 Sustainability/climate change/future of food stories that you need to read

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The week’s top sustainability/climate change/future of food stories

Veganuary founder Matthew Glover scores £2.5million funding for VFC plant-based chicken brand – tells the colonel that VFC will take it from here

UK Government figures confirm ‘lockdown’ lead to biggest ever drop in greenhouse gas emissions – would be even higher if aviation were factored in too

A net-zero approach to climate change could create 1.7 million green-collar jobs in the UK concludes think tank Onward – mainly in energy management and engineering

The UK Govermment’s ‘net-zero’ vision for the oil and gas industries slammed by green groups – tinkering rather dramatic action they claim

Report predicts massive private sector investment in UK wind power – huge opportunity for wind to become primary UK energy source

Eat Just in $200 million funding round to develop cultured meat and plant-based egg products – company is now in pole position in cultured meat development

Ripple Energy announces that the UK’s first consumer-owned wind farm will be live in the autumn – the first of many?

UK startup Deep Branch nets €8m to develop animal feed from Carbon Dioxide – more protein from thin air

Is banana skin the new vegan bacon? – One innovative chef thinks it might be

Louise Palmer-Masterton, founder of vegan restaurant group, Stem & Glory on why she’s optimistic for 2021 – new restaurant, new innovations

And don’t forget the new Vegan Curious podcast




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