Burger King opens its first ever plant-based restaurant (sort of)

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Might this be the blueprint for the future of Burger King? The company has just announced details of its plans to open its first-ever Plant-based Burger King Restaurant,

A collaboration with The Vegetarian Butcher, the chain will open the restaurant in the German city of Cologne and will be using the launch to roll out a series of plant-based options.

The restaurant will feature the new slogan, “100% taste, 0% meat”.

It is just a gimmick though? Well the restaurant opening coincides with the launch of vegan options across all German restaurants. More to the point though the restaurant will only be plant-based between June 7 to 11.

At the same time there is a history of chains experimenting with niche restaurants which then go on to become permanent – think Veggie Pret in the UK. Either way it underlines that Burger King is taking the plant-based market seriously and it is unlikely that this will be the last of its kind. The company has already committed to make 50% of its range plant-based by 2030,

The restaurant is situated on Schildergasse 114, 50667 Cologne, Germany.


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