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Transition Earth is a new media platform that looks at the way individuals, enterprises, technology, NGOs and startups are shaping a better world.

Our readers include; investors, entrepreneurs, executives in NGOs and charities and more generally anyone who believes that people and businesses can have an impact on helping society to meet the Global Goals.

Among the topics we regularly cover are

  • Climate change – especially startups that have developed tech solutions to solve issues around water shortage and renewable energy
  • The new agrarian revolution – how plant-based food/veganism is set to change the way we eat. Also the rise of lab-processed meat alternatives
  • Smart cities – how technology will improve urban life in the future
  • Personal transport – the rise of e-bikes, scooters and autonomous vehicles
  • AI, 5G and blockchain – and how they can deliver solutions to climate change and other social issues
  • Ethical capitalism and socially responsible enterprises

Members of the team are also responsible for the following podcasts

Vegan Curious

Global GoalsCast

The team

Editor – Ashley Norris

Consultant Editor – Chris Price

Consultant Editor – Edie Lush

Consultant Editor – Michael Oreskes

Podcast partner – Sara Collinge

Staff Writer – Stefano Cummings

If you have a story that you think we would be interested in email [email protected]

Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels