New Global GoalsCast episode lands – how should the world respond to Covid now that the vaccines are ready?

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If you live in the United States or the UK or even most of Europe you may have the impression the pandemic is coming under control. You’d be wrong– terribly, fatally wrong.

The pandemic is surging around the world…more severe than ever before, and exploring the continuing battle to limits its impact is the topic of the latest episode of the Global GoalsCast podcast.

In the podcast, Dr. David Nabarro, envoy of the world health organization, was asked ‘does it make sense to be getting ready to vaccinate kids in some countries, while in much of the world even frontline health workers have yet to receive a dose?’

You can hear his fascinating response on the podcast.

Nabarro notes that some wealthy countries are trying to vaccinate their way out of the pandemic, even planning for the vaccination of children. But there is not yet enough vaccine to protect the world. So what is the right thing to do?

Also featured in this episode is Dr. Jonathan Fitzsimon, a family physician in Ontario, Canada and the inspiring music of Nazeem, whose ballad, Respect, honors frontline workers and encourages everyone to abide by public health measures. You can support Nazeem’s music at

Tune in to Global GoalsCast here.


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