Klarna adds a carbon emissions calculator to its app

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Wouldn’t it be useful to know the carbon emissions caused by every purchase you make?

The team at Swedish fintech company Klarna, which provides online financial services agrees. They have just teamed up with carbon footprint calculator tool provider Doconony to provide a tool that uses global average CO2e data to estimate how many kilograms of emissions are generated by each purchase. 

The tool which is free to Klarna’s 90 million customers, is free and will be added to its app this week.

The company said that it believes that shoppers need to “become informed decision-makers” on the “true impact” of their purchases,

“The new feature aims to democratise access to unbiased climate impact information for consumers at no cost or judgment as a first step to help drive awareness around climate change,” Klarna said in a statement. 

Tools that calculate carbon emissions are becoming ever more popular. Yesterday we profiled Furthr a company whose portfolio of services includes a similar tool.

As well as announcing the arrival the tool Klarna has spoken out anoint its own plans for reducing carbon emissions. It has committed to halve its absolute emissions by 2030. 

As for the companies it works with, Klarna claims that many partner retailers are “already working hard” on their climate impact. 



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