Burger King finally debuts vegan offering – The Royale burger and fries are now plant-based and vegan society-approved

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Today’s the day that after a false start of two Burgher King finally goes vegan.

The fast-food chain, which has promised to make 50% of its range plant-based by 2030, today debuts the vegan-certified Royale in all its UK restaurants.

The Royale is a variation on the company’s chicken burger with a crispy coated, plant-based fillet, which was creatyed by The Vegetarian Butcher.  The ‘chicken’ is topped with iceberg lettuce,  vegan mayo and a toasted sesame seed bun.

Unlike the plant-based Whopper, which is cooked alongside animal products the Royale is kept separate and it is completely vegan.

And in more good news for Burger KIng fans the fries are now cooked separately too and have a vegan society stamp.

So customers can buy a completely vegan meal deal for £6.79.

Soco Nunez, Marketing Director of Burger King UK, said: ‘At Burger King UK we’re all about delivering great tasting food for our customers, so we’ve purposefully taken our time with the Vegan Royale to make sure it’s the best on the market. ‘In fact, we would go as far as to say it’s an identical taste experience to the original Chicken Royale.’ Burger King’s fries are also now certified by the Vegan Society, meaning it can offer a completely vegan meal deal for £6.79. 

Ericka Durgahee, Marketing Manager at The Vegan Society said ‘We’re delighted to be working closely with Burger King. ‘It’s fantastic to see that not only are they expanding their range to cater to vegan customers, but are going above and beyond by offering them delicious options that have been certified by the highly-trusted and sought-after Vegan Trademark. ‘Customers can rest assured that when they order items displaying the Vegan Trademark they’re free from animal products and animal testing and that cross-contamination has been minimised.’ 




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