10 things you need to know this week – UK tech startups are pushing for zero emissions, an electric powered air taxi is on its way and Burger King UK has another go at vegan food

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Here are the top 10 sustainability stories for this week.

1 UK tech is spearheading the push for zero emissions – Some of the country’s most successful startups are coming together to launch an initiative aimed at tackling the climate crisis and attracting green investment

2 You may soon be able to buy clothes that absorb C02 – French car company DS Automobiles has unveiled its emissions-busting fashion range

3 Burger King UK is having another crack at tempting vegans – After its tricky, and ultimately failed launch last year, it has plans for two new vegan burgers and says that half of its menu will be plant-based by 2030.

4 Veganuary was bigger than ever – Half a million people across the globe went vegan in January.

5 But veganism has a new rival – Ceganism – Coming soon are people who avoid all animal products but will eat cultured lab-grown meat

6 You may soon be able to book an electric-powered air taxi Volocopter promises flying electric taxis in two years, announces €200 million investment round.

7 Paris is powering up its e-scooter plans – It has announced a wave of new charging stations for both public and private vehicles

8 Plug-in hybrid cars not as efficient as the makers claimManufacturers are advertising unrealistic fuel efficiency figures for plug-in hybrid cars and potentially costing motorists hundreds of pounds more in fuel costs, according to new tests by Which?

9 Want to invest in plant-based sustainable companiesNew Index VegTech is the Nasdaq for plant-based companies.

10 Nature now is an investment asset classCultivo is a company that believes passionately in investing in nature. It operates a triple returns approach which is grounded in the view that investing in natural capital can generate healthy financial returns that are good for both nature and society.


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