Would you wear seaweed? AlgiKnit secures investment to turn ocean algae into sustainable fashion items

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If you want to find the material for the next wave of sustainable fashion head to the beach. Earlier this week New York-based AlgiKnit announced it has secured ​$2.1 million​ to fund its innovative process that. turns ocean algae into scaleable bio-yarns.

Wearing seaweed might sound very odd but AlgiKnit is convinced it is fast fashion’s silver bullet material as Kelp is ​one of the most renewable organisms on the planet. It absorbs CO2 and works against global warming and ocean acidification​.

It could help to cut the global emissions from the fashion industry which currently accounts for 10% of all emissions.

Kelp is also super tough and versatile and can be used not just in the creation of garments but also footwear and accessories too. There is also the potential for a role in packaging and home furnishings.

At the moment the company is still in the experimental stage. However, it says that the cash, which comes from Horizons Ventures (also early investors in Spotify and Impossible Foods) will bring the products closer to market.

Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer Tessa Callaghan said: “It’s not enough to be sustainable, functionality is paramount. We want to be both the easy and sustainable choice for designers, manufacturers and consumers.”

“We see the urgent need for new biomaterials for the fashion industry; consumers, manufacturers, and brands are waiting for REAL solutions. AlgiKnit’s kelp-derived biodegradable yarn, is a truly promising alternative for a better planet ” said Wayne Cheng from Horizons Ventures.


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