Startupbootcamp launches sustainability investment initiative

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Amsterdam-based Startupbootcamp (which also boasts hubs in London, New York and Berlin) has unveiled a second IPO with the money it has raised to be invested in accelerating 30 sustainable startups in order to progress towards the UN’s sustainable development goals. The undisclosed sum of money was awarded to the investor by the Dutch government via its One Single Hub programme. The programme is called Startupbootcamp: Sustainability.

The investor says it will harness AI technology to find and work with startups that major in helping the world attain the environmental, social and economic issues outlined by the Global Goals programme. It will focus on ensuring that the startups not only offer solutions to world problems but also have the potential to generate profit thereby de-risking any external investment. 

“Startupbootcamp works because it is more than just an accelerator, it is a global ecosystem, essential in creating the collaborations we need to see to solve some of the worlds biggest problems. It is fantastic to see that the Dutch government has also recognized this, awarding us with the One Single Hub subsidy. With this national support, we can continue to accelerate innovative businesses and grow a supportive network that can tackle sustainability,” comments Startupbootcamp co-founder and director Kauan von Novak


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