10 things you need to know this week – Europe needs more wind farms, the McPlant burger is on its way and we might run out of new bikes in 2021

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Welcome to our weekly round up of news from companies and organisations that are delivering solutions for climate change and helping the world to reach global goals.

Here are the ten things you need to know this week

1 The vegan McPlant burger is on its way –  US company Beyond Meat has just unveiled a three-year partnership to produce plant-based patties for the upcoming McDonalds McPlant burger. It is working with KFC too

2 Oatly is about to go public its valuation could be as high as 10 billion USD – 

3 Europe is still not building enough wind farms – it is on course to miss climate change targets – 

4 Mosa Meat gets another cash injection to develop cultured meat products – Korean cultured meat company CellMeat also gets a cash injection too 

5 We might run out of new bikes in 2021 component maker Shimano hints that production might not meet demand –

6 Why B Corps are going to be big news in 2021 – but will consumers notice or care

7 The NHS is using drones to deliver Covid tests pioneering scheme in Scotland.

8 The startup that wants to revolutionise the way you clean clothes –  boasts a high profile backer too

9 Ethical investment is a big story in Lithuania meet Greta Monstavice of Katalista Ventures who helps companies focus on both purpose and profit

10 £2.7 billion is spent on clothes that are worn once and then discarded – but fortunately, there are people who want to change this





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