Vegan Business Tribe and Crowdfunder offer innovative new way to invest in vegan businesses

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Securing investment for a vegan startup can be a complex business. Firstly you have to choose the right platform to raise money and then you’re competing with a whole load of other vegan businesses for the cash. 

In a bid to solve this problem, Vegan Business Tribe, the online community of plant-based business owners and fundraising platform Crowdfunder have teamed up to create Vegan Start-up Scale-up a new vehicle by which nascent companies can secure investment.

20 vegan companies ranging from vegan frozen ready meal brand Root Kitchen through tp Vegan Dunk, a 100% plant-based artisan biscuit delivery service have come together to would-be investors a none stop shop to back vegan business. The companies are hoping to raise around £600,000

“Crowdfunders are an excellent way for start-ups to raise cash. However, running a successful campaign can be difficult,” said David Pannell, who co-founded Vegan Business Tribe as a way of aiding growing vegan businesses.

“By pooling our efforts through Vegan Start-up Scale-up, we create an economy of scale, boosting our fundraising power,” added Pannell. 

The list also includes

  • Fungtn, mushroom-based alcohol-free craft beer makers
  • Wheat Meats, a vegan bakery developing a just-add-water seitan mix;
  • DoGood, plant-based dog food startup 
  • Phyton, non-profit plant protein company
  • Meat’s Out!, mushroom-based vegan street food concept 
  • Kambee plant-based dessert firm 

There are also non-food companies includes; beauty range Happy Carrot Skincare; vegan knitted accessories label Vegan Handknit; Earth Warriors, a zero waste shop based in Darlington; beauty and style guide The Tropical Duchess; and Vegan Vouchers, a plant-based discount card scheme. 

Victoria Carpenter, founder of Happy Carrot Skincare, says the group Crowdfunding initiative goes further than simply raising money to fuel brands’ business plans, but also allows them to reach out to their future base of consumers. 

“The Vegan Start-up Scale-up doesn’t just raise funds for my business, it’s helping to introduce it to an audience that are primed to be loyal to it,” commented Carpenter. “By sharing the products as a reward for funding, I’m hoping to build relationships that last beyond the initial Crowdfunder.”



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