Walkingboxes turns sea containers into pop up mobile food outlets

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Shipping containers are versatile objects that are often now finding a new life as the structure of small homes, or sometimes even as a swimming pool.

Now a Berlin-based status has found yet another use for containers – food trucks

The company, Walkingboxes is a response to the ever-growing demand across both Europe and the US for food trucks. Just before the pandemic its founder and designer, Daniel Lorch, had a vision of creating sustainable mobile kitchens out of items that had once been used to transport freight. 

The pandemic has supercharged the project with social distancing requirements and lockdowns contributing to massive growth in demand for open-air food outlets.

“Since outdoor dining is less affected by the restrictions and people from the catering industry are less busy at the moment, many are dreaming of their own street food business – including top chefs,” Lorch told Business Insider.

The company offers two options. A collection of containers kitted out with an electrified kitchen and equipped with an inlet and outlet for water, and one that is available in a more basic form so that the buyer can customise the space.

The sea freight container in three lengths – Small, Medium & Large – and are permanently attached to a TÜV certified tandem trailer. 


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