More vegan and sustainable shoes and sportswear from Adidas

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Adidas has unveiled a range of new sustainability initiatives for 2021 and is promising that over 100% of the materials used in the creation of its products will come from recycled polyester, or sustainably-sourced cotton by 2024. It is currently at 50% and aims to reach 60% by the end of 2021.

This includes expanding its range of vegan shoes, created around a biological leather alternative made from mycelium. The company has already enjoyed a great deal of success with vegan versions of several of its iconic 1980s sneaker designs like the Samba, and high performance running shoes Forever Floatride GROW via its subsidiary brand Reebok.

The company said “together with partners, Adidas is developing a new material, a purely biological leather alternative made from mycelium, and will use it for the very first time in the creation of footwear. In addition, Adidas has committed to ‘Vier Pfoten,’ an animal protection organization, to completely ban furs from the manufacturing of its products.”

One of the partners that the company refers to is Bolt Threads, a Californian startup that has worked with a number of brands including Stella McCartney, Lululemon and Gucci to create products made from its mycelium-based leather.

The company said the investment will continue through 2021.

“We have continued to invest in sustainability initiatives during the coronavirus pandemic and we will significantly expand our range of sustainable products in 2021. To this end, for example, we have worked with our suppliers to create the structures that make it possible to process recycled materials on a large scale. Not only does our commitment make Adidas more sustainable, but it also drives the development of the whole industry,” said Kasper Rorsted, CEO of Adidas.


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