Vegan food is cheaper – and other Veganuary breaking news

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Over the years Veganuary has become more than just a movement for encouraging people to try plant-based food. It has become a catalyst for companies and brands to launch new vegan products and initiatives. It is also the time when companies who have vegan-related stories – good or bad – share them as they know this is the month in which they are most likely to get media coverage.

So here are a few of the key headlines for this year’s Veganuary

  • Vegan food is cheaper. –That’s the findings of recent research from Kantar for the organisation Veganuary. It crunched data from 11,00 Britons and found that eating vegan was cheaper than eating meat or fish. Plant-based meals cost £1.06 per person as compared to £1.77 for fish or meat. Vegan meals also apparently take a third less time to prepare.
  • Veganuary hopes to hit half a million this yearThe UK-based campaign has set a target of 500,000 signatories worldwide and expects to reach 350,000 by Tuesday 5th. Among the companies backing the campaign are accountancy firms PwC and EY, media company Bloomberg, Marks & Spencer and the UK’s largest meat-free brand, Quorn.
  • The KFC vegan burger is back –  The vegan burger, now called the Original Recipe Vegan Burger,  is back on the shelves  in KFCs but will only be around until the end of February
  • Morrisons launches vegan food box – It features a range of plant-based favourites including dairy alternatives, meat-free options, and vegan snacks including plant butter, fake meat, biscuits, vegan cheese and more. The box costs £25 including delivery. Details here.
  • Wagamama has launched vegan squid – The restaurant has also committed to ensuring that 50% of its main menu will be meat-free by the end of 2021.
  • Vegan Conservatives have launched – as a caucus for Tory MPs. It has kicked off by signing up 10 MPs to do Veganuary

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