Nestlé debuts pea-based milk while Blue Farm takes oat milk to new levels of sustainability

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If you are still on the search for the perfect alternative to cow’s milk you have two new options.

Launching soon is a pea-based milk called Wunda from Swiss multinational Nestlé.

It is a plant-based milk made from yellow peas that are enriched with calcium and vitamins D, B2 and B12. It is available in a trio of versions – standard unsweetened and chocolate.

Part of Nestlé’s ongoing drive to curtail carbon emissions,the company claims that Wunda beverages are carbon neutral – a claim which has apparently been verified by the Carbon Trust.

Pea-based milks are becoming more popular across Europe  thanks to the pioneering Sproud brand

Wunda will be available in France, the Netherlands and Portugal. Nestlé says other markets will follow.

Stefan Palzer, Chief Technology Officer at Nestlé, said : “This truly versatile, delicious pea-based beverage is an excellent source of protein and fiber. 

“Its great neutral taste, the ability to use it for different applications, and the fact that it is carbon neutral make it an ideal plant-based alternative to milk.”

“Our young intrapreneurs created this great product based on their own consumer needs by leveraging our longstanding expertise in plant-proteins and dairy.”

Meanwhile Berlin-based Blue Farm is targeting oat milk fans who want to live as sustainably as possible with an Oat Base, allowing consumers and foodservice to mix their own oat milk right before they consume it.

The idea being that the mix means that the extra packaging and the carbon emissions lugging them around entail, can be ditched.

“Blue Farm is the first direct-to-consumer vegan dairy brand that simply arrives in your home in the mailbox. We feel that plant-based milk should not be sold like [how]cow’s milk needs to be sold in a milk carton,” said co-founder Katia Helf.


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