Brian Eno launches EarthPercent – challenges the music industry to take the lead in addressing climate change

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One surprise stat that emerged a few years back was that streaming music resulted in significantly higher carbon emissions than at any previous point in the history of music.

So maybe you shouldn’t chuck out those CDs just yet.

Someone who is hoping to help the industry take the lead in the battle against climate change is Brian Eno. He has today launched a campaign called EarthPercent which aims to raise $100m from the music industry by 2030.

To do this it is asking artists, music companies and industry people to commit a small percentage of their income to its fund. The money will then support various projects and causes tackling climate change.

The organisation notes that “currently, less than 2% of global philanthropic funding is dedicated to addressing climate change, not nearly enough to meet the scale of the global challenge. Our mission is to give direct and meaningful support to those at the forefront of climate justice while reducing our impact on the planet—as an industry and as part of a global society.”

The organisation has a holding website here and is promising more information soon.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels


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