Clim8 Invest gets £5.8 million funding to empower consumers to invest sustainably

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We love the idea behind Clim8 Invest. It is a UK-based investment platform that helps consumers invest in companies focused on tackling climate change. 

But consumers won’t invest cash unless they see returns. Fortunately, the company claims that sustainable funds outperformed the market in 2020.

Individuals can choose between ISAs and general investment accounts and choose how cautious or adventurous they want the investment to be. All the companies it invests in are sustainability game-changers in the cleantech, clean energy, smart mobility, circular economy, clean water and sustainable food niches. 

This week the company has announced the launch of an app as well as raising nearly £5.8 million in funding.

The round was led by 7pc Ventures and British Business Bank Future Fund along with entrepreneurs and executives including Marcus Exall (Monese), Marcus Mosen (N26), Paul Willmott (Lego Digital, McKinsey), Doug Scott (Redbrain), Matt Wilkins (Thought Machine), Andrew Cocker (Skyscanner), Steve Thomson (Redbrain), Monica Kalia (Neyber, Goldman Sachs), Doug Monro (Adzuna), and Erik Nygard (Limejump).

The company raised £2.4 million funding late in 2020

Duncan Grierson, CEO of Clim8.said “We are launching at an exciting time for sustainable investing. 2020 was an exceptional year for environmentally-focused investment offerings such as ours, as investors looked harder at climate-related opportunities.Sustainable investments have continued to outperform markets since the beginning of the Covid-19 Crisis and we believe this will continue.”

“Not only is sustainable investment becoming mainstream, we believe it has the basis for sustained out-performance in the medium-term, irrespective of views on the environmental crisis,” said Vincent Gilles, Chief Investment Officer, Clim8 Invest. “We believe this outperformance can be explained by two main factors. The demise of the oil and gas sector² in which sustainable funds are typically not invested in and the defensive qualities of the more sustainable companies in a period of market turmoil.”



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