Oddbox, the fruit and veg rescue company undergoes a re-brand

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Ever used Oddbox – the company that rescues odd and surplus fruit and veg directly from the farm and offers it directly to consumers?

The company is undergoing a rebrand which will see it not only get a new look but also offer an enhanced experience for the consumer.

In practice, this means recipe suggestions from Oddbox suppliers and customers as well as a personalised impact report that highlights how many kilograms of fruit and veg they have stopped from going to landfill by using Oddbox.

The company has been operational since 2016 and was started as a response to the staggering figure that as much as around eight percent of global greenhouse gas emissions globally are estimated to result from wasted food.

“In starting Oddbox we wanted to make a measurable, concrete impact in the world – something that could really help to tackle the climate crisis,” Emilie Vanpoperinghe, Oddbox co-founder told Busines Green. 

“With that in mind, we have worked on improving the Oddbox experience to make it as easy as possible for our existing and new users to play an active part in our weekly fruit and veg rescue mission, and do even more good in the fight against food waste”

The company claims to have distributed more than two million boxes and claims that it has saved 13,400 tonnes of fresh fruit and veg from going to waste.

Oddbox was also one of the first consumer-facing brands to become a B Corp.



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