Oatly brings politics to its packaging – takes on EU’s ‘pro-dairy’ Amendment 171

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In a sign of what might become more commonplace in the future, Swedish alt-milk brand Oatly is using its cartons as a campaigning platform.

On the side panel of the company’s Oat milk is a message to buyers about Amendment 171 – EU legislation passed in October which would make it illegal for plant-based foods to reference dairy in any way shape or form.

So as the packaging states no more ‘creamy texture’ or ‘dairy-free alternatives’ can be used to describe products. 

Oatly even suggests that the use of cartons – similar to those used by dairy companies – could be outlawed.

In a series of tweets the company says “AM171 is being pushed by dairy lobbyists who are trying to push a restrictive set of laws through the EU to prevent plant-based food producers from making any references to dairy and from making climate impact comparisons between dairy and plant-based.

Removing all this information that consumers rely on to identify and compare plant-based products would cause confusion, a huge roadblock in the plant-based movement and a setback in the EU’s climate goals, which is why we’re convinced it needs to be stopped. Love, Oatly.”

It then encourages consumers to sign an anti-AM171 petition.

It is not the first time Oatly has used its packaging to make political statements. Previously it has talked about the impact that the dairy industry has on climate change. 

The statement on the packaging finishes with an optimistic note pointing out that it believes that the EU will see through the dairy lobby’s tricks and vote the amendment out.


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