London gets its first ‘tiny forest’ courtesy of Fever-Tree

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In a second example of the day of drink brands doing their bit for the environment,  Fever-Tree has partnered with charity EarthWatch Europe to support the creation of a ‘tiny forest’ in Hammersmith Park, West London. 

The Tiny Forest, which is apparently the first in the capital,  was planted last week and is part of an ongoing project to re-connect people with nature. The organisation behind the Tiny Forest initiative, Earthwatch Europe says that “creating thriving and climate-resilient urban areas that support economic growth, whilst also enhancing livelihoods and wellbeing, is a considerable challenge.

Tiny Forests can play a part in facing this challenge. They bring the benefits of a forest – reconnecting people with nature and raising awareness, helping to mitigate the impacts of climate change, as well as providing nature-rich habitat patches to support urban wildlife – right into the heart of our cities and urban spaces. “

The forest features 600 trees planted in an area the size of a tennis court and will play a key role in the regeneration of derelict parkland. EarthWatch believes it will attract 500 species within the first three years.

Volunteers from Fever-Tree and the local community will help maintain the forest as it grows.

Jess Ainley, corporate responsibility and sustainability manager at Fever-Tree, said: “Urban tree planting has a huge role to play in enriching biodiversity in our cities as well as helping to protect against the impacts of climate change.

“Fever-Tree is so proud to be planting London’s first Tiny Forest, just down the road from our head office and in doing so creating a green space for the local community and nature to thrive in.”

The new Fever-Tree woodland area will join more than 3,000 Tiny Forests around the world. In order to meet net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 the Climate Change Committee argues that the UK will need to plant at least 1.5 billion new trees.



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