Meatless Farm teams up with Real Madrid to highlight the environmental impact of food

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Arsenal’s Hector Bellerin and Barcelona’s Lionel Messi both follow a vegan diet. Liverpool recently agreed a deal with meat-substitute producer Quorn Foods, now it is Real Madrid’s turn to focus on the benefits of a vegan, or a least flexitarian diet.

The club has teamed up with British company The Meatless Farm Company (whose products are available widely in UK supermarkets) in a joint venture the pair claim will ‘raise awareness of the importance of reducing meat consumption to minimize the environmental impact of food’.

The deal is reportedly good for both the players in improving their nutrition, and good for the fans who as the team will share their experience of reducing meat consumption by increasing plant-based foods in their diet.

Emilio Butragueño, Real Madrid’s Director of Institutional Relations said: “Meatless Farm embraces both sustainability and nutrition, two fundamental components of Real Madrid and our business strategy.

“We as a global team have an important role to play in engaging with society to make real changes that will help create a more sustainable world and improve personal health and performance.”

The Founder of Meatless Farm Morten Toft Bech added “If we want to tackle the current climate crisis and the role food plays in it, we need to keep moving forward.

“Real Madrid is the perfect partner to help achieve this goal. It’s one of the leading clubs in terms of its commitment to sustainability

“We are all familiar with Real Madrid’s success on the pitch and that comes from dedication and excellence behind the scenes – they excel in nutrition expertise and performance analysis. On top of that, they are one of the leading clubs for their sustainability commitments and research shows that their fans have a keen interest in health and environmental concerns, so the club shares our values but importantly so do their fans.

“Real Madrid has got the right values, ambition, expertise, reach and influence to help create a global movement for change so we can’t wait to work together on achieving these goals.”




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