People Matter to scale Okina – the ‘Fitbit for mental health’ app

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Felling stressed by your job? Has the remote working, which is a consequence of the Covid19 pandemic, made it worse?

It is clear that work-place stress is a significant issue and  it is one that good employers need to address.

In fact according to a  2020 Deloitte report, poor mental health costs UK companies up to £45 billion a year. 

One startup that hopes to give employers the tools to address this is People Matter which has Okina, an app billed as the  ‘Fitbit for mental health.’

Now the company has raised £500k via an Innovate UK Continuity Loan to scale the app which works by monitoring and analysing employee mental health. 

Central, to the business, is its analytic platform. It works with employees being asked anonymously to record their state of mind, which can then give employers the data they need to drive changes. Using data management techniques like predictive modelling it can spot trends like potential burn out as well as be a catalyst for new workflows.

“By bringing a data lens to wellbeing, businesses – particularly those growing, merging or adapting – can monitor how the evolving culture is impacting the team, said Nigel Winship, Managing Director, People Matter .

He adds “The loan has come at just the right time because the pandemic has created huge demand for better wellbeing and a better understanding between employers and employees working remotely. We will now be able to meet that demand by doubling down on R&D and scaling the platform.”




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