Halfords launches own Carrera brand e-scooter – petitions UK government to legalise their use

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They might still be illegal to use on UK roads and pavements. And not that long ago a senior Metropolitan Police officer suggested that anyone who received an e-scooter as a Christmas gift should return it. 

Yet sensing legislation is just around the corner leading UK retailer Halfords is to launch a petition that calls for the Government to change the law on privately owned e-scooters and legalise their use on public roads.

At the same time it has unveiled its first-ever e-scooter – the Carrera impel is-1 . Carrera is one of the longest-standing Halfords brands and has a history in the bike market that goes back to the 1990s

The e-scooter will be available from Halfords stores from February 16th and costs £399. The business has already enjoyed a strong run in the e-scooter market selling models from companies like Xiaomi, Unagi and Segway.

The Carrera impel is-1 has a maximum range of 18 miles and a top speed of 15.5mph.It features 8.5 inch pneumatic tyres and a dual braking system with front and rear disc brakes to provide more effective stopping.

The new e-scooter also boasts a quick folding mechanism for easy portability and storage (handy for carrying when on the move) and a multi-functional LED display that shows your speed, range and ride mode. For added security, the Carrera e-scooter features a built-in pin lock with electronic alarm and immobiliser and cable lock.

It also has a waterproof rating IPX5, meaning it’s rain and puddle proof making it suitable for everyday riding in British weather.

As a limited time offer, customers who purchase the Carrera impel is-1 e-scooter will also receive a free Halfords Electric Scooter Care package. This one year package includes puncture protection, unlimited brake adjustments, free innertube fitting, 10% off accessories and parts and free accessory and part fittings.

Matthew Banks from Halfords said:

“We’ve seen demand for e-scooters rise and its one e-mobility trend that looks like it will continue to grow. They could be used for shorter journeys and travel times could be cut if personal e-scooters were made legal. For us it was important that the Carrera E-scooter had all the qualities you’d expect from our best-selling Carrera range at an accessible price that means everyone can eventually access the benefits of an e-scooter commute.”


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