New Vegan Curious podcast – Minor Figures interview, what’s the future for Oatly, lab processed meat disected and the Veganuary backlash

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Vegan Curious is a podcast for anyone interested in becoming vegan and finding more out about vegan culture that’s hosted by Transition Earth’s editor Ashley and Sara of Don’t Cry Wolf.

In episode 2 of series 3 they speak to Stu Forsyth, CEO and Founder of the Minor Figures oat milk/coffee brand, who talks about how the company came to be, the happy accident that led to the development of their oat milk offering and their plans for the future.

Also in this episode

* The Veganuary backlash – the meat and dairy industry strike back. Who’s right on Vitamin B12?

* Everything you need to know about cultured or lab-processed meat as featured in the new book by Jim Mellon, Moo’s Law. Will vegans eat it? Will it consign the meat industry as we know it to history?

* Oatly’s controversial ad campaign – and a quick look at its plans to go public and what it will mean for the brand and vegans

* The vegan restaurant with a Michelin star – does it matter?

* Vegan Magnums, Higgidy vegan quiches, Huel’s new savoury products, Roar ice cream and more

Photo by Valeria Boltneva from Pexels

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