Voi e-scooters which can measure air quality, coming to the UK

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Swedish micromobility company Voi Technology has launched an e-scooter that can measure air quality as it travels through urban areas.

Voi will introduce the V4 to select UK markets this spring, with broader rollout later in 2021. The company is part of the experiment with e-scooters in Liverpool and Oxford.

As well as its ability to record air quality the scooter boasts a number of safety features including audible alarms and indicators – which are designed to increase the visibility of e-scooters to pedestrians as well as to vulnerable road users, including those with vision impairments.

The Voiager 4, or V4, is designed to integrate better with public transport systems and now features the ability to be unlocked via contactless NFC (Near Field Communication) technology with the tap of a smartphone, smartwatch, or transport card. This means that it could be used in conjunction with an Oyster card.

The intelligent system on the e-scooter also conducts automatic diagnostic checks that predict the need for maintenance or repairs, identifying 55 unique error conditions, which, if triggered, instantly make the scooter unavailable to hire and alert the operational team. What’s more the V4 includes a dedicated slot for extra sensor devices, expanding the IoT’s future capabilities.

Says Fredrik Hjelm, CEO and co-founder of Voi:

“From beating traffic to protecting the environment, Voi has always been focused on providing the best experiences, benefits, and services to our riders and partner cities. The Voiager 4 is our greatest, most exciting e-scooter to date and represents a culmination of years of research and development. Its combination of all-new hardware and software, especially our proprietary IoT technology, takes e-scooters to the next level.”

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