Taco Bell UK goes vegan – adds new oat based meat substitute

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January is the happiest time of the year for vegans, largely because thanks to Veganuary the choice of what they can eat seems to massively increase each year.

Among a lot of new launches is one intriguing one from US fast food company Taco Bell. It has added items prepared with a new meat substitute, well at least to the UK, which is made from oats.

Gold&Green’s Pulled Oats® is made from a blend of oats and legumes, which Taco Bells suggests delivers a meaty texture that absorbs flavours and seasonings beautifully. It is apparently high in protein, iron and fibre. The Helsinki based company has been going for a few years and experimenting with oat based alternatives to meat. It sells oat balls and oat based patties too.

The new meat-free filling can be used in any build on the menu, from burritos and quesadillas to Taco Bell’s signature item the Crunchwrap Supreme. There is no word yet on whether it will be adding non-dairy cheese and sour cream to the mix. Taco Bell has expanded rapidly recently and now boasts as many 53 outlets across the UK.


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